Nelson’s Coastal Watersports Trust, a Community Interest Company, is an exciting new venture based in North West Norfolk, covering the areas of Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire & Essex.

Our aim is to promote sailing and other water sports in the region, to give everyone, regardless of age, more opportunities to experience the various water sports that are available around the East Anglian coast. To help them to challenge themselves, whilst learning new skills and gaining confidence in themselves.

Whether that be sailing, waterskiing, kayaking or rowing, it is the trust’s ambition for young people and their families to be able to enjoy the benefits of being on the water, participating in the sports and activities that our Directors are passionate about. While also promoting the water sports related, maritime businesses & charities that exist around our coastline.

So whether it’s just about learning a new skill, simply having fun or as part of a wider education programme, it is our ambition to get more people out on the water, to experience the health and social benefits that water sports can provide in a safe environment.